Rinnai Tankless Rack

System (TRS)

Now you can harness all the benefits of tankless water heating technology, pre assembled and ready to replace the boiler in your existing or planned boiler and storage tank water heating system.


The TRS installs in place of an old-style boiler and provides built in redundancy by banking individual Tankless Water Heaters to ensure your hot water supply keeps flowing even if a unit is down. (The TRS comes standard with Rinnai’s Heavy Duty Commercial condensing Water Heater that boast 95% thermal efficiency and a commercial application.)

Why a tankless rack system?
TR systems are designed so that only the required number of heaters start to match the desired hot water flow rate. A Manifolded Electronic Control System (MECS) is available for 2 to 25 heater manifold systems and uses the water flow valve in-side the heater to control its operation. The firing sequence is rotated every tenth shutdown. A single water controller can control the entire manifold outlet temperature. taging can also be achieved by using the Rinnai Pressure Activated Manifold (PAM) valve. PAM valves are available for 2 to 6 heater manifold systems.
How are they supplied
The HD units are mounted fully assembled to our pre-engineered frames with foam insulated pipe work, ready to plumb into  position at your project. The Manifold pack is supplied in modular systems of Manifolds of 2 and Manifolds of 3 units. They are  packaged in a separate cartons for ease of freight and positioning on site. The Manifold Pack 4, 5 and 6 will be supplied in  combinations of MP2 and MP3 with connection kits, as required.
Instintanious Tankless Rack System

The Rinnai’s Tankless Rack System™ is designed to supply packadge water heating solution as fully assembled system. The TRS includes pre assembled water and gas connections and manifolds under the tankless water heaters that are adequately sized to maintain optimum performance. Rinnai Gas Tankless technology provides and endless supply of hot water and the Tankless Rack System provides the ability to link multipale units together, giving redundancy and ensuring the business remains open 24/7/365.

All of the water Heater on the TRS can be electronically connected using the multi systems control board. When operating, multiple tankless water heaters are linked together with multi system controls are designed to supply equal amounts of hot water. They will also rotate occasionally to ensure equal usage among the entire system. On initial water flow 1 to 3 units will start up based on the configuration of the multi system control board. Once the flow rate is determined, the multi system control board will initiate additional water heaters as required.

Complete flexibility of design is coupled with Rinnai’s advance electronic control system to give “on demand” water heating designed to fit your need exactly. You can use multiple units together to provide anywhere between 4.5 to 1437 Kw’s, enough to replace even large boiler capacities. If you need more capacity you simply ad more units of up to  25 water heaters. In-built redundancy and with turn down ratio’s as low as 1:325 adds further benefits, in both efficiency and capital cost, compared to traditional boiler systems.