About Rinnai Corporation

Rinnai produces over 12 million gas appliances every year, which are distributed to all parts of the world, and are all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


Backed by extensive warranties and fully qualified after-sales teams, Rinnai is proud to be the No.1 choice for gas water heating systems world wide.


Rinnai offers solutions to fulfill any requirement, be it a new or existing project. Options include single or manifolded multiple unit installations as well as boiler systems. Our products also support existing alternate water heating systems.


Rinnai uses innovative manufacturing  and testing techniques resulting in uncontested levels of safety, comfort and efficiency. By heating only the water you require as you need it, you are assured of never running out of stored, hot water.


Rinnai’s products, which are created with highly advanced technology, are evaluated in as the #1 brand.

Our Vision

In addition to consideration for the environment, which is a global issue, Japan faces various social issues such as an aging society and medical and health issues. Rinnai uses a combination of electricity and gas to achieve the world's top level of energy saving and comfortable living, a hot water heating / heating system that helps to prevent heat shock in the bathroom, and clothes drying that dries laundry indoors We are also proactively proposing products that can contribute to solving various social issues.

In addition to Japan, Rinnai provides optimal solutions tailored to each lifestyle, climate, and energy situation in the United States, China, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, and other parts of the world. Our business is based on the policy of contributing to daily life.

Company Profile


Trade name:                                        Rinnai Corporation

Head office location:                     Japan

Founded:                                             September 1, 1920

First water Heater:                       1923

President:                                           Hiroyasu Naito

Turnover                                              R 48 Billion

Employees[Consolidated]         10,613